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What’s New.

Fresh off the press, the new and improved.

What’s new in your Easyworkorder?

Rebuilt by a team of product managers, designers, engineers, and our own customer advocates, Easyworkorder is software for better service.


Innovative Interface

We improved our interface, adding a new modern look and feel. We also instituted the latest responsive capabilities so that you don’t have to shrink and grow your screen, or scroll left or right to see important information.

Engage with clients via mobile

Responsive mobility is built in. There’s no app to download. Coupled with our new interface, it’s easy to engage your customers via tablets, smart phones, whatever. As long as they’ve got a browser, the system just works…anytime, anywhere.

Better Logistics & Fulfillment

Mobility is everything. Life happens fast and the work doesn’t care where you are. To keep up, you’ve got to be informed in real time. Our new, responsive interface unties employees from their desk and frees them to keep up.


Match your currency, time zones, language, date/time format and more. See your critical information the way your world sees it.


Synergy comes from collaboration. Our new chat feature allows new communities of users to collaborate with one another outside of work orders. This, in turn, improves organizational synergy, fostering new ideas for products and service.

Custom User Preferences

Customize your colors, change the layout of your desktop… these are just a couple of the exciting new personalizable preferences available.

We’re ever improving. Stay tuned to “What’s New” for more updates and improvements.x
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