Portfolio Management

Any number of buildings, anywhere in the world.

Portfolio Management

With Easyworkorder you can mix any type of property into your portfolio: commercial, residential, medical, industrial, mix-use, facilities, franchise. It doesn’t matter. All properties mesh seamlessly and management of them is transparent.

At-a-glance Overview

Easyworkorder makes it easy to get important building information, at-a-glance, like the square footage of the building, the number of tenants or users there are, how many conference rooms there are, the remit to address for payments, the Service Level Agreement policies or who the primary contact is.

Map Employee Access

You can map your employees to only the properties they need access to. Which means that a manager in San Francisco can manage a portfolio in Chicago, New York, Paris, Madrid, or any other place in the world, all from a central location, on a central platform. And, you can turn their notifications on or off. If someone is out for vacation or needs to be unavailable, their notifications can be turned off, and switched back on when they’re available.


A work order management system is an amenity to your building and an important inclusion to your company’s strategic brand positioning.

Easyworkorder makes it easy to provide world class service to your user community, augmenting face-to-face and over-the-phone service with a portal for which they can submit and manage their service requests – cloud based, available 24/7, anywhere in the world.

Get things done faster


Create and store common responses to common issues and save time using them when needed.

At-a-glance Insurance

Need to assign a bunch of tickets to a particular person, or close a bunch of tickets? Bulk actions lets you do that in a few clicks.

Reservable Resources

Ever had the same ticket issued multiple times by the same company? Now, you can merge them into one and thin out your queue.


Get an real-time look at the labor and materials associated with a ticket. All costs are prominently displayed for easy viewing.

SLA Policies

Private and public notes allow for the right parties to be informed when they need to be and there’s no loss of the running chronology of activity.


If you need to involve an outside vendor, you don’t want to waste time emailing, faxing and talking on the phone. Easily give work to vendors, and track their responses, too.