An indispensable communication & branding tool

Content management for your property

PropertySite is a self-contained content management system for your property. It allows you to brand your properties and communicate effectively to your tenants and prospective tenants: available space, Tenant Handbook and more.

Communicate on-demand

No more sending out copies of your Tenant Handbook, or fielding calls for frequently asked questions. PropertySite lets you communicate with your tenants and prospective tenants without lifting a finger:

  • Available space
  • Tenant Handbook
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Newsletters, and more

Link directly to Easyworkorder

PropertySite seamlessly connects your tenants directly to Easyworkorder and their tenant portal so they can easily submit service requests. There’s no additional website to go to and you continue to further your brand.

Control the narrative

All information in PropertySite is manageable from the administrator’s portal. You decide who the administrators are and your message is updated at their leisure, giving you total control over your property’s communication.

Get things done faster

Manage All Content

Easily manage all content for PropertySite through the Administrator Portal, and give your staff access to help as well.

Stream Tenant Handbook

Make your Tenant Handbook available on-demand and stop spending time emailing copies of it to tenants.

Answer FAQs

Cut back on fielding questions over the phone and provide easily accessible answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Publish Availabilities

Provide prospective tenants with published availabilities, including suite profiles, downloadable floor plans and flyers.

Connect to Easyworkorder

Seamlessly connect to Easyworkorder so your tenants can quickly and easily submit their service requests directly from their tenant portal.

Store Documents

Store important documents that your tenants can download on-demand, and password protect them so only they can access them.