Work Order Management

Team Inbox

Easyworkorder’s shared inbox enables your team to collaborate and resolve issues without getting in each other’s way. Every request sent to your support email becomes a ticket in your helpdesk. You can easily categorize and prioritize tickets and assign them to the right people in your team.

And you don’t have to worry about multiple agents responding to the same ticket anymore because everyone on your team can see who is working on what ticket and its status. It is so easy to set up and use that you’ll be able to start resolving tickets in minutes.

Service Level Agreements

Set, manage, and meet customer expectations by setting up service level agreements (SLAs) for support. With Easyworkorder, you can define ticket priorities and requirements for resolution times so your people know exactly which issues to address first and how quickly they should respond. When a ticket becomes overdue, the appropriate staff are notified.

Mobility built-in

Easyworkorder’s mobile-ready web-based version allows you to carry your support desk with you wherever you go. Reply to tickets, add notes and perform bulk actions on tickets even as you’re taking a walk down the street or waiting for your order to arrive at a restaurant.

Get things done faster

Canned Responses

Create and store common responses to common issues and save time using them when needed.

Bulk Actions

Need to assign a bunch of tickets to a particular person, or close a bunch of tickets? Bulk actions lets you do that in a few clicks.

Merge Tickets

Ever had the same ticket issued multiple times by the same company? Now, you can merge them into one and thin out your queue.

At-a-Glance Costs

Get an real-time look at the labor and materials associated with a ticket. All costs are prominently displayed for easy viewing.

Private & Public Notes

Private and public notes allow for the right parties to be informed when they need to be and there’s no loss of the running chronology of activity.

Send to a Vendor

If you need to involve an outside vendor, you don’t want to waste time emailing, faxing and talking on the phone. Easily give work to vendors, and track their responses, too.