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Our Story

In 2004 Easyworkorder was borne out of a need to provide a simple solution to managing a disparate portfolio of commercial real estate. At the time client server was the dominant software model and the cloud was in its infancy. After much consideration, we decided to the cloud was the future. It was an exciting time. We pioneered on demand access to work orders and instant notification via SMS text messaging.

Over the next five years, the functionality of Easyworkorder grew, as did its penetration into facilities management, equipment management, municipalities and residential property management.

With the popularity of tablets and smartphones on the rise, we had to evolve. Easyworkorder has been completely rewritten and redesigned, with the intent of being platform and entity independent.

We still support our roots in commercial property management. However, today, we are a work order solution for virtually any type of business, with any type of work order need.

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