Broadcast announcements and more.

Shared Message Inbox

Easyworkorder’s shared messaging inbox is just like your email inbox that you’re so familiar with. Our messaging facility makes it easy to aggregate broadcast communications with your user community. Intuitive folders make organization even simpler.

Need to notify tenants to use the bathroom on the fourth floor because there’s work being done on the first floor? Need to share the decorating guidelines for suites during the holidays? These and many, many more are accomplished as easy as using your email. And, all  message can be reused!

Message One, Message All

Do you need to notify all the tenants in all of your buildings? Maybe only the tenants on the tenth floor of one building. Or, maybe just four tenants. It doesn’t matter. You can make that happen, easily. What’s important is that you can notify the tenants that you need to, and aggregate that communication in a central location, available for you or your team to access at a later date- and, possibly reuse it.

Mobility, Too

Yes, that’s right!

At Easyworkorder we’re disrupters. Everything we do has mobility deeply integrated. You’re on the go. Your work should travel with you, and not just on your laptop.

Desktop, notebook, tablet, mobile phone, Easyworkorder works on them all, with no apps to download.

360-degree communication loop

Message All Tenants

Need to assign a bunch of tickets to a particular person, or close a bunch of tickets? Bulk actions lets you do that in a few clicks.

Selected Tenants

Create and store common responses to common issues and save time using them when needed.

All Buildings

Ever had the same ticket issued multiple times by the same company? Now, you can merge them into one and thin out your queue.

Some Buildings

Get an real-time look at the labor and materials associated with a ticket. All costs are prominently displayed for easy viewing.


Private and public notes allow for the right parties to be informed when they need to be and there’s no loss of the running chronology of activity.


If you need to involve an outside vendor, you don’t want to waste time emailing, faxing and talking on the phone. Easily give work to vendors, and track their responses, too.