Automated Maintenance 24/7.

With Connect, your smart buildings manage themselves.

  • Auto-notify core equipment issues
  • ASHRAE Compliant
  • Supports Automated Logic’s WebCtrl


Everything You Need to Manage Smart Commercial Real Estate

Easyworkorder is the only Building Maintenance Platform that is Commercial IoT capable.

  • Comprehensive suite of modules for commercial real estate
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • BACnet connected
  • Reporting & Analytics

Get more out of your BAS.

Lower Operating Costs

Your Building Automation System (BAS) is essential for monitoring. Connect makes equipment alarms actionable and tracks what’s been done, helping you avoid unnecessary equipment expenditures.

Extend Equipment Life

Not having a history of work performed on your core equipment is like throwing darts in the dark. Connectturns on the lights” to illuminate your equipments’ work history.

Enhance Building Performance

Top level equipment performance requires top level health. Connect is the critical complement driving your buildings’ overall health.

Reimagine Tenant Experience

Connect preemptively reports issues before tenants report them, differentiating your properties from your competitors. Happy tenants equals lower vacancy rates and higher demand.

Learn how Connect can help you manage your smart commercial properties.

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