Certificates of Insurance

Mitigate the risk of litigation


Managing tenant and vendor Certificates of Insurance can be a monumental undertaking consisting of hours of back and forth. What a time suck!

Easyworkorder notifies property management staff with Insurance certificates that are expiring as soon as the login, based on notification criteria that they set.


Easyworkorder’s COI module color codes all statuses for easy identification of compliance/non-compliance. And it includes all of the relevant criteria:

  • expiration dates
  • policy amounts
  • subrogation waivers
  • properly named additionally insured


Get the process of renewing Certificates of Insurance started with notifications to tenants, vendors, and insurance providers.

Easyworkorder notifies all of them with customizable verbiage that you set, along with any documents necessary for a timely renewal.

Work Orders

Each Certificate of Insurance renewal can automatically create a renewal work order that can be used to facilitate the ongoing conversations needed to bring the expirations into compliance.

Get things done faster

Configure Settings

Easily configure how many days in advance of expiration to remind you and notify all other parties, or auto-create insurance work orders, or auto-notify insurance holders.

Notify Insurance Providers

Setup tenants’ and vendors’ insurance providers so that can be looped into the renewal process.

Monitor Multiple Buildings

From one cohesive screen, easily manage insurance expirations for one, some, or all of your portfolio.

Set Notification Criteria

Configure if and when to send expiration notifications, and how often.

Attach Documents

Store important documents, like the insurance requirements for a building, and attach it to work orders and notifications.

Custom Notice Verbiage

Preset the expiration verbiage to be used in the auto-generated work orders and the auto-generated notifications.

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