Gain management-level oversite of maintenance across all of your properties

Keep your properties operating in peak condition by automating facility maintenance scheduling. Easily track technicians, assign work orders and ensure prompt attention to maintenance requests.

Schedule Efficiently

Efficiently assign and schedule facility maintenance and work orders from initial contact through completion with a straightforward, systematic process. Facility Manager automatically calculates purchase orders and work orders, and posts payables and charges. You can easily track pending requests, alerts and exceptions.

Plan Ahead to Save Money

Keep your properties in optimal condition with planned and preventative maintenance oversight that includes code compliance checks, warranty maintenance and regular inspections. Experience fewer equipment breakdowns and save money with automated planned preventative maintenance scheduling.

Complete Inspections

Satisfy all types of inspection requirements, including annual, regulatory and due diligence. Easy-to-follow workflows with flexible templates ensure that inspections cover every detail, every time. Facility Manager eliminates paperwork and rekeying of information and gives users immediate access to inspection history reports stored in Proptelligent.

Improve Property Value

Increase the value of your assets by streamlining facilities management and gaining more insight into the health of your properties. Further improvement and cost reduction by streamlining service requests, intuitive asset and equipment maintenance, enhanced resource planning and improved communication and collaboration.

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