Goodman Success Story

Easyworkorder succeeds where Corrigo falls short.

Goodman increases portfolio growth by 45% using Easyworkorder.

Goodman Real Estate, Inc. (GRE) is a leading privately held real estate investment company specializing in multifamily and commercial real estate.

Their managed assets are valued at more than $2.5 billion and their portfolio spans the spectrum of risk-adjusted investments: multi-family construction; hotels and resorts; office and retail buildings; land development; and structured investments.

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  • Dissatisfied with their current work order management solution: Corrigo
  • Need a cloud solution that was simple to use and intuitive
  • Mobile, so engineers can update work in the field


  • Login portals for tenants at 2+ million square feet
  • Run system on mobile phones and devices
  • Sophisticated messaging and preventative maintenance
  • At-a-glance desktop that provides visibility into entire department’s work load


  • Implemented in two weeks, including training for staff and tenants
  • Regained control of growing list of backlogged work requests
  • Improved communication with staff and tenants
  • Tenant training took less than 5 minutes per tenant